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Hoffman Electric is a successful company because we have the capability to do a wide range of electrical projects. We are equipped with all the necessary construction and heavy equipment needed to perform large and unique jobs in a safe and timely manner. All of our personnel are highly trained and properly licensed to operate the equipment they are using. 





  • Boring Machine 

  • Auger Trucks 

  • High Hoe Excavator & Mini Excavator 

  • Bucket Trucks 

  • Backhoes & Trenchers 

  • Dump Truck 

  • Service Trucks

Directional Boring 

Directional boring is used when trenching or excavating is not practical. We have done many directional bores up to 600' going under roadways, parking lots, airport runways, buildings, railroads and canals. 

High Mast Lighting 

Installed 100' high mast lighting at several locations throughout Georgia, inluding I-16 at Highway 280, I-95 at the Midway exit, and Georgia Ports Authority in Port Wentworth. 

Traffic Signal Installation 

Installed many traffic signals in and around town, including Abercorn at Rio Rd, Apache Ave., Eisenhower Dr., Stephenson Ave.. Also, Bay St. at President St., General McIntosh at President St., President St. at E. Broad St., and many more. 

High Hoe Excavation 

We have two auger trucks that will drill vertical holes up to 48" x 15'. Not only can we drill the hole, we can set the pole and connect the power. 

Highway Escort 

We provide services for highway escorts for oversized equipment. While using our bucket trucks we are able to lift any low hanging utility lines and traffic lights so that the equipment can pass freely. 

Street Lighting & Parking Lot Lighting

Installed parking lot lighting for many merchandise stores, including Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Kroger. 


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